Complete G1000 Simulator Build

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If you are starting from scratch and would like to build state of the art flight simulator, nothing can be easier with our G1000 Suite. You might still need some additional components so this article walks you through on how to build a complete G1000 Flight Simulator from scratch.

AVIONICS: We will start from getting everything needed for the avionics

FlightSimBuilder G1000 x 2
FlightSimBuilder Audio Panel
Metal Stand x 2 or FlightVelocity Panel (better)

PC. Next you will need to decide if you want to have a setup with one widescreen monitor or 3 monitor setup. Even though the widescreen options became more available, they have an issue with still not providing enough field of view to use it without something like Track IR.

If you want a the best experience, three monitor setup is your choice. Even though monitor price might not be that different, you will need a much more powerful PC / graphics card to drive 3 monitors. We recommend to go with top of the line RTX 4090 if you want to have simulator at ultra/high settings. is a good supplier of prebuilt PCs. Here are some great options.

1. (Best) Custom built for FlightSim CPU: 7800X3D GPU: RTX 4090 RAM: 64GB SSD: 1TB

If you are planing to mainly use the rig for flight sim, this is the best money can buy at the moment.

2. (Best) Player Three Prime (remember to choose color) CPU: i9-13900KF GPU: RTX 4090 RAM: 64GB SSD: 1TB

Also a beast and can outperform option #1 for video editing but is slightly less efficient than option #1

3. (Very Good) Player Three CPU: i7 13700KF  GPU: RTX 4070Ti RAM: 32GB SSD: 1TB

If you go with one monitor setup, you can also consider Player One and Player Two

MONITOR: If you go with a three monitor setup, any ~27" monitor will do. Typically, not curved option works better.

1. (Best) HP OMEN - 27" IPS LED QHD x3 . 

If you are in the US, you can pick this monitor at $350 per pc from BestBuy.



Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo combo is the best yoke / throttle you can get without going over $1K for each.

Later you can also consider force feedback Yoke like Bruno Yoke

TRACK IR: If you went with one ultra wide monitor, you will need to solve a narrow field of view issue. TrackIR a great option to remediate the issue.


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  • Thinking of getting this setup but wany to know if my old yoke and rudder pedal will work or I have to buy new ones?

    Andrew Kissoon on
  • I would like a full g1000 nxi system to fly full coupled approaches using the new Freeborn Piper M500 plane model. Do you offer a complete system fully configured?

    Mark on
  • Looking to build a sim for my grandkids. I would like a three screen set up that can be easily upgraded.

    Hal Kimball on
  • I see that the most complex set up has a keyboard. I want to build a Cessna cockpit with two seats and the three monitors. Control yoke and rudder pedals on the left side. This set up is to train pilots to use the G1000 and CAP observers to use the MFD. Can this be done?

    Samuel Robinson on
  • I want to purchase the 1000w, since that it was I will be flying, going from round dials to glass.
    Also, I want to include the pedals. I want to keep the setup as real as possible, including rhe outward for all the approach and landing scenarios, including weather anomalies.

    Terry O'Malley on

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