FlightSimBuilder Beta Testing


1. G1000 Pan Issue: New beta version of G1000 firmware for fixing MSFS "pan" issue where you have to click multiple times to move up, down, letft, right. This is especially useful if you use our G1000 units along with Navigraph charts integrated in MSFS G1000x

- Download new firmware
- Follow these steps to update firmware on your units

2. GNS 530/430 HotSwap beta feature

Here are the steps to install the GNS 530/430 HotSwap beta feature

Firmware Update

1. Download FlightSimBuilder Firmware Update Software
2. Download GNS 530 HotSwap Firmware Update
3. IMPORTANT! Unplug G1000/GNS 530 unit from USB
4. Launch Software Update Software
5. Plug G1000/GNS 530 to USB
6. Click "Choose The Firmware to Load"
7. Choose the file downloaded in step 2
8. Once done, close the software and reconnect GNS 530

MSFS 2020 WASM Module Update

1. Download new gns530.cfg file
2. Move the file into your \Community\flightsimbuilder-wasm\modules folder and overwrite the existing file