G1000 Instructions Manual

Option 2: Manual

1. Download and unzip flightsimbuilder-wasm module
2. Place "flightsimbuilder-wasm" into MSFS Community folder
3. Open Windows Joystick Controller (you can do it by start typing "joy" in windows

4. Note where in the list your PFD and/or MFD (in example before it's number 3 on the list)
3. open "flightsimbuilder-wasm\modules\joystick.cfg" and 
a) remove "#" before "PFD=1" to enable PFD and update number to be  
b) change the number to be what you noted in step 4 (i.e. PFD=3 for our example)
5. Make the same changes to MFD if you have a second unit