FlightSimBuilder G1000 (expected in stock in Feb)


  • $550.00

2X G1000 PROMO: If you order 2x G1000, $50 discount will be applied in your cart.

G1000 for your flight simulator. We incorporated your feedback and built a unit which works well for both on desk and panel application.  

Lots of great features:

- Recognized as a joystick as soon as plugged in
- Compatible with MSFS 2020 and X-Plane
- All cable connections are on the back of the unit
- Rubber buttons with backlighting
- Front panel is extended by 3mm on each side for panel mounting
- Even more extended front plate is available for mounting without L-brackets. This is a great option if you want to easily swap between our G1000 and Steam Gauges panels
- Countersink screws are used for ease of panel mounting and better looks (not sticking out screws)
- Works as MFD or PFD. Hold MFD/PDF flip button, wait for the button backlight LED buttons to start blinking, unplug and plug back USB and the unit will change name from "FlightSimBuilder G1000 PFD" to "FlightSimBuilder G1000 MFD"
- LCD control menu is available to adjust brightness, contrast, etc.
- Knob rotation speed change (beta). You can now adjust knob rotation speed on the unit itself. It's set by default to 5 out of 10 which is the max rotation speed which both MSFS 2020 and X-Plane can recognize without any additional add-ons. We are working on the additional add-ons to allow faster rotation speed to be recognized by the sim.
- Three cables included: power, hdmi, usb
NOTE for customers OUTSIDE OF US: If you order product from US, you might be responsible for import fees due to your country customs. It can be up to 30% for some EU countries. 

Cutout dimensions 310mm x 215mm