FlightSimBuilder Steam Gauges

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Metal Stand for G1000 or Steam Gauges
Checkbox for Metal Stand for G1000 or Steam Gauges

MSFS and X-Plane compatible. PC only.

We are thrilled to announce the debut of our latest product: FlightSimBuilder Steam Gauges. Whether your aircraft is equipped with traditional steam gauges or you simply enjoy the authenticity they bring to your simulation experience, this is the product tailored for you.

Setting up the steam gauges is straightforward and requires no additional third-party software. Just download our intuitive launcher, connect the unit, and you're ready to take flight. Presently, our offering features a single-engine prop setup, as depicted in the accompanying images.

We are working on additional 3 aircraft configurations
- High Performance Single (Bonanza A36, Cessna 210, etc.)
- Twin (Cessna 414, 421, etc.)
- Turboprop (Pilatus PC-12, TBM, etc)

Alternatively, for those who prefer immediate access or already utilize software such as Air Manager, seamless integration with any compatible aircraft is readily achievable.

Our launcher only works with Windows at the moment. To use this with Mac, you would need something like Air Manager at the moment.

- Steam Gauges unit Dimensions: 300mm x 215mm x 34mm

Designed with compatibility in mind, our steam gauges boast identical dimensions to our popular G1000, facilitating effortless interchangeability with your existing panel or metal stand.

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