FlightSimBuilder FAQ

Can I use G1000/GNS 530 with planes which have different set of avionics (i.e. G3000)? 
Certainly, this feature sets our products apart from competitors. We have designed all our products with a strong emphasis on flexibility and expandability.

They are universally recognized as joysticks by operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, allowing users to map various functions to buttons or encoders as desired. Furthermore, our products are compatible with a wide range of flight simulators, including DCS, and offer easy mapping options.

For X-Plane users, all mapping functionalities are readily accessible through the control menu. However, for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, an additional add-on, such as Mobiflight (which is available for free) or SPAD.NEXT, is required to facilitate the mapping process. We provide a concise instructional video demonstrating this process here FlightSimBuilder G1000 with Mobiflight

What are the required ports for my PC? Each unit requires one HDMI and one USB port for connectivity.

What if I lack sufficient HDMI ports? There are typically two solutions available: Option 1: If your motherboard includes an HDMI port, you can utilize it; however, this port is frequently disabled once a video card is installed. You can re-enable it in the BIOS. Refer to your specific motherboard's instructions for guidance on enabling the built-in HDMI port. Option 2: Consider using a USB to HDMI adapter. It is advisable to invest in a higher-quality adapter, as cheaper alternatives often encounter issues. We can recommend this USB to two HDMI adapter for optimal performance USB to two HDMI adapter

What are the dimensions of the product? Product dimensions and cutout drawings can be found on the respective product page.

Where will my order be shipped? Our processing time varies, ranging from 1 to 10 business days depending on order volume. During the ordering process, the system will provide an estimated delivery date based on the current processing time, which is continuously updated.

Do you offer shipping to XYZ county? What are the shipping times and costs? We provide shipping to nearly all countries. To determine shipping times and rates, simply initiate an order, and the system will calculate the shipping cost and provide an estimated delivery date.

Will FlightSimBuilder avionics be compatible with P3D or FSX? Officially, we offer support for MSFS and X-Plane. However, as all our units function as joysticks, it is possible to configure them for use in P3D. Since not all avionics functions are readily mappable in P3D, you may need to utilize third-party software such as MobiFlight or SPAD.NET to facilitate the mapping process.

I have received my product, but I am experiencing setup issues or functionality problems. What should I do? For troubleshooting assistance, please follow the provided troubleshooting steps here troubleshooting steps