Troubleshooting Steps

1. Press Windows button and start typing "joystick". Open Joystick control and click on FlightSimBuilder GNS 530

2. Press any buttons on the unit and note if it's registering presses in windows. If not, please contact support by sending email to If it does register, continue

3. Go to Community Folder and remove FlightSimBuilder 530 and if installed pms50-gns530 mod

4. Launch MSFS 2020 and start a flight. Click on GNS 530 buttons with you mouse to confirm it's working

5. Go to Instruction page and redownload the appropriate WASM module. 

6. Install the module and launch MSFS. 

7. If it's still not working, please take a screenshot of Community Folder and Joystick position. Send screenshots and provide the WASM joystick number you downloaded to