FlightSimBuilder 530 Instructions

General Setup

The great news is that this is a Plug and Play solution so once you plug your unit to your PC or Mac, it will recognize it as "FlightSimBuilder 530" joystick.

To power Off/On the unit, please hold "C <-> (left)" (big .C, not small one) for 3 seconds

 FlightSimBuilder 530 Instructions

MSFS Setup Steps 

1. Download FlightSimBuilder Launcher

2. Run Setup, this will install the launcher and create a link on desktop

3. Run Launcher from Desktop

2. Select your Installation Type 

FlightSimBuilder 530 Instructions

4. Click "Launch MSFS 2020"

IMPORTANT: There will be no bindings showing in MSFS controls screen. The mapping is maintained in the WASM module since not all 530 functions are available in the controls mapping.

5. Start your flight and then hold Right ATL so the cursor changes to magnifying glass. Then move the screen to your unit.

Once it's moved hold Left Alt and press Enter to get rid of header on top.

NOTE: If the GNS530 did not fill full screen, this is a weird MSFS bug. I found that it fill the screen differently when you resize it. Try not resizing the screen but just pop out, move, press ALT+ENT. If it doesn't work you can try to resize first and then ALT+ENT. 

6. Optional but recommended. Install Working Title GNS 530 free mod from the Marketplace.


X-Plane Setup Steps

(YouTube Instructional Video)

1. X-Plane now has FlightSimBuilder GNS 530 mapping so no need for mapping any more.

 PS. If for any reason you don't have the mapping in x-plane. Please download



and place it into \X-Plane 12\Resources\joystick configs\ folder. You might also need to click "Reset to defaults" once you are in x-plane control panel with FlightSimBuilder GNS 530 selected.

2. To remove the bezel around GPS:

a. If you are using with default X-Plane 530, you need to download the following file Garmin_530_2d.png  (right click and select "Save Link As") and place it "\X-Plane 11\Resources\bitmaps\cockpit\radios\GPS FMS" folder. It will ask to replace the default file, say OK.


3. Launch X-Plane

3. Left click on GNS 530 in the sim

4. Click on top right corner to Undock it. The button on the top right corner is somewhat hidden but you can see it in the video.

5. Move the GPS to the unit screen


If you are using Reality-XP GNS 530, you can find the instructions on how to remove bezel in the RealityXP instructions. Here is a quick summary

1. Open  X-Plane folder and find you favorite airplane folder location (i.e. X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Carenado CT210M_Centurion)

2. Find RealityXP.GNS.ini file, right click and select Edit

3.  Find nobezel = false

4. Change it to nobezel = true 

P3D v4 Mapping (not officially supported and requires FSUIPC)
P3D requires FSUIPC. Once you have it setup, please place these two files in FSUIPC folder
Reality XP for P3D Setup
1. Go to Add-ons -> Reality XP GNS -> Setup Aircraft
2. a) Configuration -> One Window
    b) Reality XP GNS -> GNS 530
    c) Click on "advanced options"
     d) Click on "No Bezel"
3. Click Review
4. Click Accept
5. Once popup screen opened hold "Shift" and right click on the Reality XP logo on top bar. This will open Setting screen
6. Scroll Down to Advanced Settings and click on it to expend
7. Check "Use Simulator GPS Commands"
8. Right Click on GPS screen and select "Undock"
9. Move the screen to the unit

Advanced Settings

If you have FlightSimBuilder 530 v2 (with cables on the back), there are additional functionality available:

1. LCD Menu Mode ".C" hold for 3 seconds. The top red LED one the left side of the unit will light up indicating you are in LCD menu mode.
1a (once in LCD Menu Mode). Menu Enter "Left Encoder Press"
1b (once in LCD Menu Mode). Menu +/- "Left Encoder Small Knob"
1c (once in LCD Menu Mode). Cycle through different video inputs (VGA->HDMI) ".v"
1d (once in LCD Menu Mode). Exit LCD Menu Mode ".C"

2. Switch between 530 and 430. ".v" (small .v) hold for 3 seconds. Please keep in mind that you need to switch between 530 and 430 before starting the launcher and the sim. This functionality is not for "hot swapping".

Beta functions

3. Encoder Speed Mode. This will enable to increase / decrease encoder speed mode on a scale from 1 to 10 (by default it's 5). However currently, if you increase beyond 5, X-Plane / MSFS will not be able to read it. "Right Small Knob Press" hold for 3 seconds. The bottom red LED one the left side of the unit will light up indicating you are in Encoder Speed mode.
4a (once in Encoder Speed Mode).Encoder Speed Change. "Right Small Knob Rotate". The red LED will blink several times indicating the new encoder speed (i.e. 5 blinks - encoder speed is set to 5) 
4b (once in Encoder Speed Mode). Exit Encoder Speed Change. "Right Small Knob Press"