FlightSimBuilder Audio Panel Instructions

General Setup 

The great news is that this is a Plug and Play solution so once you plug your unit to your PC or Mac, it will recognize it as "FlightSimBuilder G1000 AP" joystick. 

Here are some additional functionality:

1. Power On / Off - Red Button (hold 3 sec)
2. LED adjustment
- Enter LED mode - Hold "Pilot" for 3 sec.
- LED brightness adjustment - Rotate encoder left/right
- Exit LED mode - Encoder Press

MSFS Mapping 

1. Download FlightSimBuilder Launcher

2. Run Setup, this will install the launcher and create a link on desktop

3. Run Launcher from Desktop

2. Select your Installation Type 

4. Click "Launch MSFS 2020"

5. Start your flight


X-Plane Mapping 

1. Go X-Plane and assign the below mappings

 Please note, we are still working on LED indication lights for x-plane.


1. Take off the back plate from AP

2. Place the AP through the mount

3. Attach the brackets to the back plate removed in step #1

4. Attach the back plate back to AP

5. Adjust the screws on the plastic brackets to push against the metal bracket