FlightSimBuilder G1000 Instructions

General Setup

The great news is that this is a Plug and Play solution so once you plug your unit to your PC or Mac, it will recognize it as "FlightSimBuilder G1000 PFD" joystick. If you have two and need to change to MFD, please hold right <-> button and the unit will change it's name to "FlightSimBuilder G1000 MFD"

Here are some additional functionality:

- Power On / Off - Left <->
- Switch from PFD to MFD - Right <->
- LED brightness - Right Vol
- LCD Menu - Hold Click Left Nav
- Exit LCD Menu - Right Com Click

Once in flight simulator, you would just undock the GPS unit and move it to the unit screen.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Mapping 

YouTube video:

Option 1: Using FlighSimBuilder Launcher (beta)

1. Download FlightSimBuilder Launcher

2. Run Setup, this will install the launcher and create a link on desktop

3. Run Launcher from Desktop

2. Select your Installation Type 

4. Click "Launch MSFS 2020"

5. Start your flight and then hold Right ATL so the cursor changes to magnifying glass. Then move the screen to your unit.


6. If you have PFD and MFD, once you pop the units out they will be in one box. Please cleck on "+" sign inside the box to split them to two boxes

7. Once it's moved hold Left Alt and press Enter to get rid of header on top.

Option 2 (manual)

The launcher in Option 1 does a couple of things, one it installs the WASM module and two updates the joystick.cfg based on what FlightSimBuilder hardware you have connected. However you can also download and place WASM module in your community folder manually and then just update the joystick.cfg file. The only downside is you might need to update the joystick.cfg again in case you add or unplug some hardware as it can result in joystick id change.

1. Download FlightSimBuilder WASM module

2. Unarchive the file and place "flightsimbuilder-wasm" folder in your MSFS2020 community folder

3. Press the Windows key , type “game controller”, and then click the “Set up USB game controllers” option. Note the position of FlightSimBuilder G1000 PFD or MFD on the list from the top

4. Go to "flightsimbuilder-wasm\modules" and open joystick.cfg

5. If you have only PFD uncomment PFD line by removing "#" in front and update the id (the number). In the example below, PFD is number 3 on the list so should be updated to "=3" in joystick.cfg

5. Start MSFS 2020

X-Plane Mapping

There are two opions to get the mapping to X-Plane. 

Option 1 (beta). Please go X-Plane and assign one (any button) to FlightSimBuilder G1000 PFD or MFD (this will create .joy file and necessary configuration)

2. Download FlightSimBuilder G1000 or FlightSimBuilder G1000 file and re-place in to "X-Plane 11\Resources\joystick configs" folder

Option 2 (manual). Manually assign buttons (one time)

2. To remove the bezel around GPS:

a. If you are using with default X-Plane G1000, you need to download the following file G1000PFD_2d.png or G1000MFD_2d.png  (right click and select "Save Link As") and place it "X-Plane 11\Resources\bitmaps\cockpit\EFIS\G1000" folder. It will ask to replace the default file, say OK.

 3. Launch X-Plane

3. Left click on GNS 530 in the sim

4. Click on top right corner to Undock it. The button on the top right corner is somewhat hidden but you can see it in the video.

5. Move the GPS to the unit screen