FlightSimBuilder Steam Gauges Instructions

I. General Setup 

1. Connect three cables provided with the unit (usb, hdmi, power supply)

3. To power off the unit, press and hold first  encoder

II. Assembly 

1. Insert Steam Gauges unit into the metal stand

2. Secure provided mounting brackets (x4) by screwing them into the 4 mounting holes/nuts on the back of the unit 


1. Download FlightSimBuilder Launcher

2. Run Setup, this will install the launcher and create a link on desktop

3. Run Launcher from Desktop

2. Select your Installation Type 

4. Click "Launch MSFS 2020" if the sim is not automatically launched


IV. X-Plane

1. Download and place it into \X-Plane 12\Resources\joystick configs\ folder

2. Download and place fsb_gauges folder into \X-Plane 12\Aircraft\Laminar Research\Cessna 172 SP\plugins\xlua\scripts

3. Close X-plane if it's running

3. Download FlightSimBuilder Launcher

PS. If the buttons / encoders still not working, please open control panel and navigate to FlightSimBuilder Steam Gauges. If the mapping is still empty, press "Reset to Defaults for FlightSimBuilder Steam Gauges on the bottom left.