G1000 Complete Flight Simulator

If you are starting from scratch and would like to build state of the art flight simulator, nothing can be easier with our G1000 Suite. You might still need some additional components so this article walks you through on how to build a complete G1000 Flight Simulator from scratch.

AVIONICS: We will start getting everything for avionics

FlightSimBuilder G1000 x 2
FlightSimBuilder Audio Panel
Metal Stand x 2 or FlightVelocity Panel (better)

PC. Next you will need to decide if you want to have a setup with one widescreen monitor or 3 monitor setup. Even though the widescreen options became more available, they have an issue with still not providing enough field of view to use it without something like Track IR.

If you want a the best experience, three monitor setup is your choice. Even though monitor price might not be that different, you will need a much more powerful PC / graphics card to drive 3 monitors. We recommend to go with top of the line if you want to have simulator at ultra/high settings.

Here are some options we offer

1. Beast Prime - AMD 7800x3D & RTX 4090

7800x3D is the best bang for your buck. Since flight simulators are demand max single core performance x3D is the best choice. RTX 4090 video card provides the most performance especially if you want to use 3 monitors.

2. Beast Jr. - AMD 7800x3D & RTX 4080

The same CPU as the Beast Prime but less expensive graphics card. It can still drive 3x monitors with slightly reduced graphics than Beast Prime

3. Beast Starter Pack - AMD 7800x3D & RTX 4070

The same CPU but another step down from Beast Jr. for graphics card. If you only use one monitor it will be great but might not be enough for 3x monitor.

MONITOR: If you go with a three monitor setup, any ~27" monitor will do. Typically, not curved option Beast Starter Pack.

1. (Best) LG - UltraGear 27” Nano IPS QHD x3 . 

If you are in the US, you can pick this monitor at $350 per pc from BestBuy.



Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo combo is the best yoke / throttle you can get without going over $1K for each.

Later you can also consider force feedback Yoke like Bruno Yoke

TRACK IR: If you went with one ultra wide monitor, you will need to solve a narrow field of view issue. TrackIR a great option to remediate the issue.



Currently the best simulators you can find are MSFS 2020 and X-Plane. X-Plane has been around for much longer so there are more airplane options and a flight model is a bit better than currently in MSFS. There are also some more professional add-ons available for X-Plane. However MSFS 2020 is the most popular sim at the moment and there are lots of progress and development happening daily. MSFS has much more superior graphics and overall performance at the moment. The sim cost is relatively small comparing to the full setup so you can always get both to see for yourself.