G1000 Suite Assembly

1. Assemble two G1000s

a. Insert G1000 unit into the metal stand

b. Unscrew 4 nuts on the back of the unit

c. Insert  provided plastic brackets into the screws you've removed nuts in step #2

d. Insert back the 4 nuts and slightly tighten using provided hex key (do not overnight)

2. Attach Audio Panel to the bracket

a. Take off the back plate from AP

b. Place the AP through the mount

c. Attach the brackets to the back plate removed in step #1

d. Attach the back plate back to AP

e. Adjust the screws on the plastic brackets to push against the metal bracket

G1000 Suite Assembly

3. Attach AP metal bracket to the Metal stand using two screws and secure with  the nuts on the back 

4. Attach AP metal bracket to the second Metal Stand (optional) if you prefer to have all three together