Here how we keep our prices low

When we've started the company, our primary objective was to establish a business focused on delivering high-quality flight simulator hardware at competitive prices. Our entire operation was meticulously crafted with this goal in mind, allowing us to offer products that often surpass the competition while maintaining prices significantly lower, ranging from 40% to 240% less. Here is how we did it.

Plug and Play Compatibility:

Our products are designed to be as plug-and-play as possible. Unlike other products in the market, our units register as joysticks and external displays across various operating systems such as PC, MAC, Linux, and more.

- This not only guarantees compatibility with diverse systems and simulators but also ensures seamless operation amidst operating system updates, thereby reducing compatibility-related support issues.

- Consequently, the need for extensive support is significantly reduced. In fact, our products require only minimal technical support. The setup process involves downloading a single software and plugging the units into your system.

Minimal Phone Support:

By simplifying our setup process, we've eliminated the necessity for full-time technicians to provide extensive phone support. This decision has facilitated reduced unit prices and restricted support to extreme cases where issues arise.

Limited Product Range:

Instead of inundating the market with a multitude of products, we have strategically focused on a concise selection of items. This deliberate choice enhances our efficiency and enables us to offer these products at highly competitive price points.


Absence of Upselling and Limited Advertising:

Our commitment lies in ensuring that our customers purchase products they genuinely need, thus we refrain from upselling unnecessary items or employing extensive advertising tactics. Instead, we utilize limited advertising and refrain from upselling during "free" consultation calls.


We meticulously select high-quality, industry-leading components available from multiple suppliers. This strategic choice ensures procurement at reasonable prices and mitigates issues related to items being out of stock.

This approach also significantly contributes to minimizing defect rates as these components are widely used across thousands of other products, boasting proven designs.

Early Software/Firmware Releases:

Through our dedicated Facebook group, we've fostered a thriving community of users. This community plays a pivotal role in providing feedback on flight simulation changes, enabling us to prioritize enhancements and new functionalities based on genuine user needs. Consequently, we release updates to the group for testing, thereby reducing the feedback loop and ensuring that we focus on features that are genuinely required.