FlightSimBuilder G1000

  • $650.00


2X G1000 PROMO: If you order 2x G1000, $50 discount will be applied in your cart.

The unit comes with HDMI port so if you don't have HDMI ports, please add HDMI to Display Port adapter available on our website.

G1000 for your flight simulator. We incorporated your feedback and built a unit which works well for both on desk and panel application.  

Lots of great features:

- Recognized as a joystick as soon as plugged in
- Compatible with MSFS 2020 and X-Plane
- All cable connections are on the back of the unit
- G1000 Cutout dimensions (depth 34mm)
- Rubber buttons with backlighting
- Display Resolution 1024 ×768 123PPI
- Front panel is extended by 3mm on each side for panel mounting

- Works as MFD or PFD. Hold MFD/PDF flip button, wait for the button backlight LED buttons to start blinking, unplug and plug back USB and the unit will change name from "FlightSimBuilder G1000 PFD" to "FlightSimBuilder G1000 MFD"
- LCD control menu is available to adjust brightness, contrast, etc.
- Knob rotation speed change (beta). You can now adjust knob rotation speed on the unit itself. It's set by default to 5 out of 10 which is the max rotation speed which both MSFS 2020 and X-Plane can recognize without any additional add-ons. We are working on the additional add-ons to allow faster rotation speed to be recognized by the sim.
- Three cables included: power, hdmi, usb

NOTE for customers OUTSIDE OF US: If you order product from US, you might be responsible for import fees due to your country customs. It can be up to 30% for some EU countries. 
Cutout dimensions 310mm x 215mm

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Karl L.
United States United States

G1000 review

I received my G1000 and I was impressed with the packaging with one exception. The rear bolts had protruded outside of the G1000 box. No harm fortunately. I had to create a bracket to install it into my simpit without drilling any holes into the back or defacing the unit in case of warranty issues. The software doesn't work as good as it should but then again, it is a beta so hopefully it will improve. The issue is that I only have one unit and to switch it from the PFD to the MFD was a chore and a roll of the dice. It works great with MSFS2020 but I couldn't get it to work in Xplane 12. The joystick file specified on their webpage didn't work and I didn't want to go through the hassle of setting up all of the buttons manually. Otherwise, the build quality is exceptional. It works flawlessly in MSFS2020. I just wished I could switch from MFD to PFD and back in MSFS2020. I may buy another when my finances permit. I received it in less than 2 weeks after my order.

Stephen M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Cracking bit of kit, worth every penny

Great service, updated regularly by email

FlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 ReviewFlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 Review
United States United States


I had encounter some providers with my G1000, but flight sim builder was able to take care of it not once but twice, thank you

Daryl G.
United States United States

G1000 Must Have!!!

I have had this unit for about a week now... TOTALLY A GAME CHANGER! I can now use the flight plan to select approaches and make changes as needed. This was virtually impossible while using the mouse in the on-screen cockpit mode. Elevation changes, heading changes, customization ability on the unit itself is more than I realized was possible. I can't see running MSFS 2020 without it. hopefully someday I will be able to afford a second one for use as on MFD. Very solidly built and nice feel to the unit. I would give it 10/10 stars.

Larry R.
Canada Canada

Quite Impressive!

I just received the FlightSimBuilder G1000 for my Xplane 11 flight simulator (Cirrius SF50 Vision jet) and am very happy with it. It adds that next step of realism to flying. Initially I couldn't get the display panel to work but with the quick response from the support staff I got it going. Thanks for the support.

Don W.
United States United States

Nice Unit!

Works great- now that I've got it figured out. Would be nice to have some documentation to explain the menu system. The website was pretty dated as well. Once I got it working, it works awesome..

Christopher B.
United States United States


Perfect. The Comms radio takes forever to set freq after the decimal. Otherwise, these work perfectly. Unbelievably realistic.

FlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 ReviewFlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 ReviewFlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 Review
United States United States

Worth every cent!

Absolutely a game changer! Works perfectly in the Bonanza G36 in Msfs.Ex Ellenton support also

Stephen D.
United States United States

Wonderfully Well made G1000 Units

I have not used these yet as my flight sim is still in progress of being setup, so I will update my review later. However the look and feel of these units are spectacular and hope they work as well as advertised. I use the G1000 in the real Cessna 172, so that will be a great comparison. So far, EXCELLENT product. Stan is VERY nice and helpful with Q&A when you email Flightsimbuilder! move to come later Stephen D

David L.
United States United States


Had a bit of a hiccup with UPS damaging one of my units. However the support promptly sent out a replacement. I have just set everything up and everything is working beautifully now. The setup is easy and if you see two PFDs in your launcher just go back and read how to switch it over to MFD. (took me too long to figure that out) Thanks flight sim builder.