FlightSimBuilder G1000

  • $550.00

2X G1000 PROMO: If you order 2x G1000, $50 discount will be applied in your cart.

You can see this YouTube video explaining the difference between 3mm and 6mm face pate options.

The unit comes with HDMI port so if you don't have HDMI ports, please add HDMI to Display Port adapter available on our website.

G1000 for your flight simulator. We incorporated your feedback and built a unit which works well for both on desk and panel application.  

Lots of great features:

- Recognized as a joystick as soon as plugged in
- Compatible with MSFS 2020 and X-Plane
- All cable connections are on the back of the unit
- Rubber buttons with backlighting
- Display Resolution 1024 ×768 123PPI
- Front panel is extended by 3mm on each side for panel mounting
- Even more extended front plate is available for mounting without L-brackets. This is a great option if you want to easily swap between our G1000 and Steam Gauges panels
- Countersink screws are used for ease of panel mounting and better looks (not sticking out screws)
- Works as MFD or PFD. Hold MFD/PDF flip button, wait for the button backlight LED buttons to start blinking, unplug and plug back USB and the unit will change name from "FlightSimBuilder G1000 PFD" to "FlightSimBuilder G1000 MFD"
- LCD control menu is available to adjust brightness, contrast, etc.
- Knob rotation speed change (beta). You can now adjust knob rotation speed on the unit itself. It's set by default to 5 out of 10 which is the max rotation speed which both MSFS 2020 and X-Plane can recognize without any additional add-ons. We are working on the additional add-ons to allow faster rotation speed to be recognized by the sim.
- Three cables included: power, hdmi, usb
NOTE for customers OUTSIDE OF US: If you order product from US, you might be responsible for import fees due to your country customs. It can be up to 30% for some EU countries. 

Cutout dimensions 310mm x 215mm

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Howard F.
United States

Experienced G1000 Pilot and Twitch Streamer Gives it Full Marks!

Excellent. Not a single hitch. I already own the RealSimGear G1000 hardware solution and was curious about this one seeing how it is about half the price. I wasn't disappointed at all. Everything works as it should. Popping out the screens to the hardware was easy. All the functions work. Now I can focus my sim screen out the windshield and leave the G1000 screens on the hardware. So much easier to twist knobs and push buttons for real instead of fumbling around with a mouse on a sim dashboard. Worth every penny. Highly Recommended -Howard Forder

Joel N.
Sweden Sweden


Purchased 2 of them. Works perfekt in both msfs 2020 and x-plane 11. Cheaper then other brands, I have a G530 from probebly the biggest vendor and there is no diffrence in the quality here so if you wonder what to get, get this one. Good costumer support that are helpful. Cant wait to see what other products they will come out with.

Scott H.
United States United States

This G1000 unit is outstanding!

I own the GNS530 and have always loved it. So I decided to purchase the G1000 to use as an MFD with my FS2020 G1000 NXI aircraft. I wanted to be able to interact physically with the G1000 instead of using the mouse. All I can say is wow! This unit is amazing. It is very well designed, sturdy, and just so fun to use. It really enhances the flight sim experience! The G1000 arrived quickly and undamaged. It was easy to setup using the FSBuilder launcher software. I highly recommend this unit! I'm a real-world pilot with over 23,000 flight hours. So I'm always looking for the best flight sim experience. This G1000 is just another great addition to my simulation hardware!

FlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 ReviewFlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 ReviewFlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 ReviewFlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 ReviewFlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 Review
Giliar d.
Canada Canada

Excellent quality and displays

Great module, great price considering the alternatives. Just make sure you have the room for these, they're pretty big.

Hector L.
United States United States

Ease of Use,Quality, and Value

The product cost is extremely competitive when compared to other brands. On inspection the product is of high quality construction. Even thought I had software installation issues (operator error) I was up and running in no time with the help of flightsimbuilder customer support. I have two minor items to report. One is about the instructions and two is about hardware. The instructions do not indicate how many seconds the left and right <-> buttons must be depressed (4 seconds) in order for them to work. At first I thought my units were not working properly as I would briefly depress the buttons with no results. Additionally, the Instructions do not indicate that when the right <-> button is depressed to change the unit from PFD to MFD that this change remains in effect until the button is depressed again. This is a good thing if you want to disassemble your setup between use. However you should label them PFD and MFD after initial configuration so that in future setups they are not confused. The hardware concern is that all of the cable connections on the back of the units are very tight when attaching and removing which could cause damage if the future if the cables are regularly attached, removed, and attached. Over all I am extremely happy and planning on also purchasing the 6 pack and the GNS 530.

Joerg S.
Austria Austria

Fantastic gear!

Great value for the money - look and feel is very good. The installation was plug and play. Also the customer support is extraordinarily good - thanks Stan. Much more fun and realistic than with an Airmanager panel. I have 2 G1000 as PFD and MFD in place and they both work perfectly. Best mounting option is the one suggested from Flightsimbuilder with the Bravo underneath the table. Unfortunately my table is two low for that so I made a foldable mounting to be able to have a good view to the screen when flying without G1000 or doing other stuff. Overall - Flightsimbuilder G1000 highly recommended.

A FlightSimBuilder Customer
Cullen C.
United States United States


100% satisfied! Easy to mount on panel, easy to set up with X-Plane 11 using the beta profile, works perfect! Quality is excellent for price! I’d love to see a FlightSimBuilder GTN750, I’d buy in a heartbeat! :)

Jacob S.
United States United States

Excellent quality and value

Blown away by the quality and experience these units provide. Sure you could build one for a little bit less but you’d spend waaaaay more time getting it all to work and it still wouldn’t be this level of quality. These plug in and you fly. Buy it you won’t regret it.

Berth B.
Sweden Sweden

G1000 first impression

Got my unit yesterday and have only tested very sort time. - Delivered in a safe package. - Connection and installation of plugin simple and straight forward. - Tested for two flights and man what a difference compared to Air Manager panel. - Next step is to make an hardware panel. Figure out how to attach to my table and attach the other gear and order a second G1000 (PFD). Can only recommend this unit.

Jarrod C.
Switzerland Switzerland

Buy it, you won't regret it!

Excellent. A lovely unit and great value for money. Excellent customer support. This plus my flightsimbuilder gns530 are my favourite things in my home cockpit.

FlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 ReviewFlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 Review