FlightSimBuilder G1000

  • $650.00

2X G1000 PROMO: If you order 2x G1000, $50 discount will be applied in your cart.

Lots of great features:

- Recognized as a joystick as soon as plugged in
- Windows and MacOS compatible.
- MSFS 2020 and X-Plane compatible
- Customizable, as it's recognized as a joystick you can map it to any avionics. For MSFS please see this video
- Rubber buttons with backlighting
- All cable connections are on the back of the unit
- G1000 unit Dimensions: 300mm x 215mm x 34mm
- Display Resolution 1024 ×768 123PPI
- Front panel is extended by 3mm on each side for panel mounting
- Works as MFD or PFD (not hot swappable though)
- LCD control menu is available to adjust brightness, contrast, etc.
- Knob rotation speed change (beta). 
- Three cables included: power (will be shipped with plug for your country), hdmi (if you have DP, please order DP to hdmi adapter as well), usb

NOTE for customers OUTSIDE OF US: If you order product from US, you might be responsible for import fees due to your country customs. It can be up to 20-25% for some EU countries. 
YouTube Reviews:

Cutout dimensions 310mm x 215mm

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Ronald H.
United States United States

So far so good!

Only had the G1000 three days and have flown every day with it using MSFS2020. It was easy to set up and get flying. I'm truly impressed.with the quality of construction, look and feel and the realism and fun it adds to the sim experience. I only purchased one but am now seriously considering adding another (MFD) very soon. Keep up the great work!

Salvador P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Does everything its supposed to do perfectly at affordable price

Very pleased with my purchase. However, while staying in 2D with one monitor, there does not appear to be any fps hit, when switching to VR, there is a dramatic drop. My PimaxVR gives me 60 fps with panel off, but in VR, I get 23 fps! I have an RTX4090, a Z790 MB and a i9-13900K at 5.8 GHz. Still trying to resolve as the HDMI connector has to be plugged into the MB onboard video.

Slavko L.
Switzerland Switzerland

Sim on next Level

Overall a excellent tool for G1000 and IFR training. Just after a few week's I see a significant progress in flight planning and execution. I can also confirm quick and constructive response on all questions and requests with the FlightSimBuilder team so I can also highly recommend this product.

FlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 Review
David H.
United States United States

Nice addon

Works with most G1000 GA aircraft. Took a few tweaks at the start but work well now. It does require your main monitor to be higher than I am used to even with the yoke mounted under my desk. I use it nearly every day now. I have a two monitor setup and I love it.

FlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 Review
Michael B.
Belgium Belgium


Best cost/benefit G1000 suit

FlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 Review
Jan SVG verified by SHOP
Canada Canada

Can’t beat the price. The buttons aren’t as clicky as I’d like or as their competitor’s are, and the screen could be better, but I’m still very happy.

Bert S.
United States United States

Flight sim builder

Great products, i love it The only problem is that Alt key doesn’t work to pop windows into PFD and MPD. i know there is nothing wrong with flight sim builder

Juan C.
United States United States

FlightSimBuilder G1000

Hello!! flightsimbuilder Thanks for the producer, I received it days ago and the truth is that it is fantastic, it takes me to another level on my Fs, there is no need for a mouse anymore! everything I need is there, thank you very much that's why. I highly recommend this product!! Very good finish, elegant, easy to install, and easy to use! and it has a good price....

FlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 ReviewFlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 ReviewFlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 Review
Diego F.
United States United States


Even though I ended up returning the unit over isome issues the G1000 is a good unit. they were very helpful from the beginning and I appreciate there help

Ralph C.
United States United States

Great product

Very happy with the product, Tech support was very helpful

FlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 Review