FlightSimBuilder G1000

  • $650.00

2X G1000 PROMO: If you order 2x G1000, $50 discount will be applied in your cart.

Lots of great features:

- Recognized as a joystick as soon as plugged in
- Windows and MacOS compatible.
- MSFS 2020 and X-Plane compatible
- Customizable, as it's recognized as a joystick you can map it to any avionics. For MSFS please see this video
- Rubber buttons with backlighting
- All cable connections are on the back of the unit
- G1000 unit Dimensions: 300mm x 215mm x 34mm
- Display Resolution 1024 ×768 123PPI
- Front panel is extended by 3mm on each side for panel mounting
- Works as MFD or PFD (not hot swappable though)
- LCD control menu is available to adjust brightness, contrast, etc.
- Knob rotation speed change (beta). 
- Three cables included: power (will be shipped with plug for your country), hdmi (if you have DP, please order DP to hdmi adapter as well), usb

NOTE for customers OUTSIDE OF US: If you order product from US, you might be responsible for import fees due to your country customs. It can be up to 30% for some EU countries. 
YouTube Reviews:

Cutout dimensions 310mm x 215mm

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Stan W.
United States United States

G1000 Suite from Flight Sim Builder

I had some initial problems with the one of the first two G1000 panels I received, but I have received a replacement which now seems to be working consistently. I really enjoy using the G1000 panels. FSB support was great…even did a screen share to help me out. Thanks for the opportunity to provide this feedback. Keep up the good work!

Michael V.
United States United States

Immersion at it's finest!

After purchasing a pair of the G1000's for flying the 172 and the Kodiak 100, the setup was very straight forward, and had them up and running in short order. As Mark said on SimHanger Channel, "They just work". It was from his reviews that sold me on this product. Upon first use, I did run into a couple issues. When activating FLC, you could not adjust the Nose UP and Nose DN buttons. They did nothing. After sending off to support a message about this, Stan in short order sent me out 2 new cfg files for the PFD and MFD that fixed the problem. A few flights later while trying to arm the VNV button, it would not activate vpath. After doing some reading and countless emails to Stan for a resolution I could just not get it to work. So, Stan suggested I try using MobiFlight, a free app to map buttons from one device to act on another. Within 10 minutes I had the problem solved. It’s a great opensource app that can do many things. There was NO way I could send these panels back because of one button not functioning. Since neither of them functioned on both G1000’s I knew it had to be a software issue with MSFS. You really can’t describe how much more you feel a part of the aircraft. When you don’t have to mess around with a mouse pointer trying to turn a dial, push a small button you can’t see, or accidentally hit the wrong button and putting the plane into a situation is just so gratifying. You have more time to yourself to enjoy the flight and the learning experience that comes along with a calm environment. Entering a flight plan is so fast and easy using the physical dials. When I wanted to change an approach or arrival before getting the panels, it was a pain to use the mouse to change it all. Now I don’t hesitate with a physical piece of hardware. The panic factor has disappeared. LOL I have been flying the Cessna Citation Longitude with the G5000, and I have now used MobiFlight and configured the buttons and dials that did not correlate on the G1000 to the G5000 panels. Most of the buttons did work just fine. I use MSFS Pop Out Manager to get all the screens onto the G1000 panels and push the 2 smaller FMS touch screens to a touchscreen laptop I have. It’s true immersion that brings the sim to life. I could not imagine ever going back. I rarely use the mouse now. The cost of 2 G1000’s and 2 Panel mounts is expensive, but being retired, I have a lot of time to devote to flying, so the investment for me was well worth it. You can also use the monitors for anything you like as well. You could put Navigraph into one of them if you like, or your email, or watch MSFS videos from YouTube on them while you are learning to fly. Bottom line, what I would like to emphasize the most is the support you get from the team at FlightSimBuilder. Stan was always helpful, and many companies I have dealt with don’t support you like they do here. Made the whole experience a win, win for me. Take the plunge and try them. Get one for now as you can configure it as a PFD or MFD. Trust me, you will be buying another.:)

FlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 Review
Alain G.
Canada Canada

A must have!

Excellent! It is easy to mount, instal and use. No more hassle with the mouse in MSFS with the G1000. Thanks FlightSimBuilder. Al.

Paul L.
Australia Australia


I experienced an immediate improvement in my flying experience with the FSM G1000. It worked out of the box, but functionality of the zoom etc was missing. I read that a set-up profile is available on spadnext, but it would be nice if a short cut was sent with the product.

Arthur P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

This is the second one I've got, so they must be good, and they are

After I got the first one, I didn't know whether to use it as a PFD or a MFD. I eventually used it as a PFD and used it a lot. It did come with it's problems though, the power adapter didn't work, and then the HDMI plug on the LCD card became detached, so I had no picture on the screen. These two problems were quickly solved by Stan and the excellent customer care. So I ordered the second G1000 to use as the MFD. I have learned so much while having these about navigation and the auto pilot, these screens help to make simulation so much more realistic. I will be adding to these with the coms controls when I can. So why the four stars? Well the problems I had with the first one should never have happened and there is some play in the rotory knows on both monitors, and even though these are the best value G1000s on the market, they are still expensive so need to last a long time. I just hope they will. Everything else is well built and feels premium. Thanks FlightSimBuilder .

Gabor N.
United States United States

It's awesome

It's perfect. Works great with X-Plane 12 on Linux, and the price is right.

Max B.
Australia Australia

FlightSimBuilder G1000 x 1

Item received as described and quickly via DHL to Australia. Sadly had to pay duty and GST, but the process was seamless.. Staff very helpful. Unit connected and works well as PFD. Now in process of changing display to MFD as currently only have one unit. Screen ok, keys not mapped yet for MFD but hopefully will have it sorted soon I hope. Will be back to buy a second unit. Having a physical unit in front of you with buttons and dials is much better to use than using using mouse on computer screen. Also purchased stand which was a good idea.

Hiroyuki A.
Japan Japan

G1000 X 2 + audio panel Iand GNS 530

I bought it from japan,so I bought it all in about 10 days. I'm old,so the opportunities to go out have decreased as before. I am fully satisfied eith the product. I would like to focus on this the future.

FlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 ReviewFlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 ReviewFlightSimBuilder FlightSimBuilder G1000 Review
Dennis N.
United States United States

Best and easiest

I have tried other G1000 s from other manufacturers and Flightsimbuilder is by far so much easier to install and to use.

Martyn S.
Australia Australia

FSB G1000

This unit is great! Delivery was quicker than I expected, taking only about 10 days to arrive in Australia - fantastic! It absolutely ups the in-sim immersion - no more squinting, changing views or chasing click-spots with the mouse. Buttons & switches feel good with accurate response. Quick replies from the team to any queries I had is also a big plus. The only downside is that I only ordered one of them. In-sim toggle between PFD & MFD would be great (not a complaint, but a suggestion), so I'll just have to find the funds for another one. Thanks FSB for this neat little unit!